For donors

This site will help you find charities that meet your interests and connect you to them. You can learn about a charity, learn about us, donate online, and help us spread the word about these worthy charities!

For charities

This site will help you learn how your organization can become a member, as well as inform you of our mission and what it means for you. We suggest starting with this page, followed by the Membership link to get your answers quickly.

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About our federation

America’s Most Cost-Effective Charities (AMCEC) is a federation of America’s finest national organizations. We support a group of charities unlike any others in that more of your contribution goes to the programs and activities of the charity rather than funding high overhead expenses.

AMCEC is proud to offer donors a wide range of giving opportunities where your dollars will be spent to support activates such as providing food, shelter, emergency assistance, and disaster relief to needy individuals and groups; helping to alleviate poverty at home and abroad; funding medical research, and providing compassionate healthcare and medical equipment; scholarships and educational opportunities and much more. Please check out our list of charities for a complete description of services provided and to see how you can help.

There are many benefits to giving to AMCEC:

  • AMCEC’s charities cover a variety of concerns. Because our charities are grouped under the AMCEC federation banner, it’s easy for you to find the group or groups you wish to support.
  • More of your dollars go to benefit the charities for which they are designated, and less to administrative and overhead costs.
  • For workplace givers, it’s an easy way for employees to give to the causes they wish to support. Many workplace giving programs offer payroll deduction plans, a painless way to give to the charity of your choice. And, for employers who don’t have a workplace giving program, AMCEC and its consultant staff will help you get one started.


All AMCEC agencies are screened annually to ensure that they meet the highest standards of substantive program services, management and fiscal responsibility.


AMCEC is governed by a board of directors that includes representatives from member charities, donor groups, and other constituencies. All board members are volunteers serving without compensation. The board of directors oversees the administration of services to AMCEC member agencies and ensures that high eligibility standards are maintained. It does NOT determine how much money each agency will receive – that decision is left to the contributor. Gifts made directly to AMCEC are shared among all its member agencies in the same proportion as each has received donor-designated gifts.

Our most recent IRS 990 Form and Annual Report are available for your review as PDF documents. Click the links below to view them.

America’s Most Cost-Effective Charities Financial Statements
Form 990