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Reach as many as
12 million employee givers.
All available CFCs, Federal Employees, State/Municipal Employees, Corporate Employees, etc.
Marketing in Federal Times and all Military Times newspapers as well as Stars & Stripes CFC edition distributed overseas and on domestic bases. Includes interactive web site.

Donors will recognize your organization as one of the handful of top charities in America.
Services and benefits
  • Private, Members Only Online Portfolio. All of your campaign reporting, marketing information and membership benefits accessible any time in one convenient and secure web site.
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  • Complete Workplace Campaign Marketing Support. Exclusive campaign promotion. Development and review of campaign brochure statements. Custom workplace development plans.
  • CFC Events Online Bulletin Board. Find out about kickoff events, agency fairs, and other promotional opportunities.
  • Members’ Pledge Amounts and Costs Fully Disclosed. Detailed financial reports. Every payment and pledge amount is documented in secure, user friendly reports.
  • Automated “Sign & Go” Applications. Quick and easy application process, including full application review and assistance. Comprehensive, electronic submission and processing.
  • Monthly Electronic Funds Transfer. Donations directly deposited to your bank account with email notification and auto payment detail posted on the Online Portfolio.
  • Donor Names Provided Electronically. Available for download via the Online Portfolio.
  • Online Payments and Donation Platform. (Optional) Customizable forms, mobile ready, and exceptional customer service at a competitive rate.
  • State Charitable Solicitation Registration Services. (Optional) Outsource this headache and hassle! Exclusive to member charities. Lowest cost. Only $150 per state per year.
  • Corporate Matching Gift Service. (Optional) Simplify the employer match process and increase your online revenue with our automated matching program.

The BEST Customer Service in the Industry!
Real people to assist you by phone and email.

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